NITOP Demo Demo Proposal Form

Deadline:  September 1st

  • Use APA format when submitting a proposal.
  • Information will appear in the program as entered.  Please proof before submitting.
  • A maximum of two presenters is allowed for a Demo Demo.
  • All Demo Demo presenters must attend the conference.
  • Potential presenters are required to submit a video abstract that includes a link to a brief (no longer than 3 minutes) video describing the proposal.  (See details below.)
  • Demo Demo presentations are for 15 minutes with some time afterward for questions.
  • Items with an asterisk are required.
  • Acceptance notifications will be sent as soon as possible.

Video Abstract

An effective Demo Demo clearly presents a useful idea in a short period of time. To help the committee evaluate the fit of each proposal for this format, we are asking potential presenters to provide a video abstract for their proposal (links to YouTube or Vimeo preferred). The video should be NO LONGER than 3 minutes and should describe the following.

  1. What key idea (s) the audience will take away from the proposed Demo Demo,
  2. Why this idea is important and useful to share with the NITOP audience,
  3. What course(s) the idea can be used in, and
  4. The source of this idea, original or otherwise.

Please note: Video abstracts will be viewed ONLY to help the organizing committee evaluate potential proposals and will not be shared with NITOP attendees. High production quality is NOT expected and no visual media (i.e., slides) are required. Feel free to record yourself using a phone or any device that is convenient. 

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